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IoT Solutions for Remote Facility Monitoring

Facility Monitoring

Protect it from a distance

As a facility owner or manager, you end up wearing so many hats. With limited hours in the day, how do you fit it all in?

Get real-time alerts for events that require your attention. Our award-winning wireless sensors will let you know if there is motion after hours, a water leak, changes in temperature or humidity, or other unusual events.

Always know your properties are buttoned up with Monnit Wireless Sensors for remote facilities monitoring.

How Monnit Helps

Our wireless Monnit sensors will work 24/7 to keep track of your equipment without the need of human presence, allowing you to focus on other tasks that are more important.

Crucial information is stored via cloud and can be viewed on your PC, Mobile or Tablet with ease. If a sensor exceeds a threshold set by you, the relevant people can receive alerts by email, text or call, enabling them to supervise the equipment at any place, at any time.

Always Alerted

Easily set alerts for the thresholds you care about. Simple online configuration allows you to choose the conditions that trigger alerts and which team members should receive them.

You can have peace of mind wherever you have cell service—receive alerts via text, email or call. Never be blindsided by restaurant emergencies again.

Instant Analysis

iMonnit is a powerful, all-inclusive dashboard for each of your devices. Securely view readings from all your sensors online or via mobile app.

You can even compare the readings for multiple restaurants or multiple areas of the same location. Basic monitoring and mobile apps are included (Android and iOS).

Putting Sensors To Work In Your Facility


  1. Open/Closed Sensors
    • Ensure access to critical areas is protected.
  2. Duct Temperature Sensors
    • Check temps at critical HVAC points -- Improve efficiency.
  3. Humidity Sensors
    • Maintain a comfortable environment for occupants while preventing mold.
  4. AC Current Meters 
    • More power draw may mean equipment needs service.
  5. Gas Detect Sensors
    • Detect CO, H2S or CO2 to protect occupants & receive combustion alerts.

  1. Motion Detect Sensors
    • Augment security systems -- Detect motion after hours.
  2. Water Detect Ropes
    • Detect leaks early to prevent damage & downtime.
  3. Temperature Sensors
    • Prevent drops in temperature that can freeze pipes.
  4. Ultrasonic Sensors
    • Be alerted when delivery vehicles arrive at your facility.
  5. Wireless Thermostat
    • Remotely configure temp settings and eliminate unauthorized adjustments.


Not being aware of things happening at your facility can be costly. So much can go wrong when you're away. Water damage and other gradual damage can even go unnoticed when the facility is occupied.

Spot issues today—avoid problems tomorrow. See beyond the obvious with our Internet of Things (IoT) sensors. Monnit remote monitoring solutions give you deeper insight.

Step offsite with confidence knowing you (or your staff) will get an alert if anything goes wrong while you're away.


Many solutions require a large initial outlay or offer a limited sensor line—requiring facility managers to maintain multiple systems.

Grow your system as you grow. Monnit’s affordable and scalable remote monitoring solutions have you covered with 70+ IoT sensors.

System setup takes less than 15 minutes—quickly see the value Monnit sensors provide your organization. With ROI established, you can scale seasonally, by the job, or as other unique requirements evolve.


Early warning signs of equipment failure or impending building damage are difficult to detect. This challenge is compounded when the many demands on your time prevent constant checking in on vulnerable equipment.

Customize alerts for the things you care about. Decide which abnormal conditions warrant a text, email, or call alert.

Monnit IoT sensors can even alert you to irregularities that would be hard for a human to identify in person.


Time adds up when you are manually verifying your commercial property maintenance.

Whether you manage one building or 50, you have other priorities and there aren’t enough hours in the day to physically handle facility monitoring. Sacrificing your personal life isn’t a sustainable option either.

Automate with Monnit facility monitoring systems. The time you will free up can be used for more important things—like life (sleep is back on the menu).


Worried about your facilities while you are on a trip? Or maybe you’re across town at another facility.

Leverage flexible dashboards. Keep an eye on equipment, personnel, and important environmental conditions online—whenever, wherever.

Convenient Android and iOS apps are also included to provide insights when you are away from your computer. Know more. Worry less.



Some facility management IoT solutions charge monthly sensor usage fees or prevent you from using your data in other software.

Own your sensors & your data. Use your data where you need it—iMonnit dashboards work well for most customers, but you can export data to any program. Web hooks and an API are provided to automate data flow.

With unlimited data possibilities, it's easy to get valuable insights for scheduling maintenance, dispatching staff, and updating procedures.

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