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MONNIT Remote Monitoring Solutions during COVID19

Employers Are Still Facing Lack Of Manpower Even After Reopening Of Businesses

After many months of quarantine and not coming to the workplace, we are finally entering the phase of returning back to normal, little by little. Lockdowns have been eased, and economies are slowly restabilizing once again.

Current Situation

Despite these new developments, many companies are still facing a lack of manpower since only a limited amount of people at a time are allowed to be on site.

For those with large amounts of assets, a lack of manpower would mean a lack of supervision to ensure assets/equipment are working in tip top shape. When maintenance is delayed, damage and downtime may occur, reducing efficiency and productivity.

Monitor & Protect Your Assets

Starting from SGD500 per set, Monnit's remote monitoring system keeps track of your equipment for you, without the need of human presence on-site. This allows your supervisors to focus on tasks that are more critical.

Choose from a variety of wireless sensors according to your requirements and monitor important conditions such as Temperature, Voltage/Current, or Pressure. Data from your assets is stored via cloud and can be viewed from your PC, Mobile or Tablet with ease. If a sensor exceeds a threshold set by you, the relevant personnel can receive alerts through email, text or call. Enabling them to supervise the equipment at any place and any time.

With simple plug & play set-up process, users can cross out installation or wiring costs. Extensive training is not needed, as the software is straightforward and easy to learn.

Why purchase from CCSL Technology?

Telecommunication and radio-communication equipment are required to be registered and approved by the Infocomm Media Development Authority(IMDA) before being sold.
The equipment, whether to be sold or for personal use, must comply with the relevant IMDA Standards/Technical Specifications and operate in the approved frequency bands provided by IMDA before use.

CCSL Technology is licensed by IMDA as a Telecommunication Dealer. We ensure that all our monitoring system equipment have been registered and approved by IMDA, reassuring customers that our equipment is safe to use in Singapore. 

As the Authorised Distributor of Monnit, we guarantee to provide day/night dedicated customer support to secure the best experience for you.

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