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MONNIT Remote Monitoring Solutions during COVID19

Employers Are Still Facing Lack Of Manpower Even After Reopening Of BusinessesAfter many months of quarantine and not coming to the workplace, we are finally entering the phase of returning back to normal, little by little. Lockdowns have been eased, and economies are slowly restabilizing once again.Current SituationDespite these [...]

Remote Monitoring Solutions For Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial RefrigerationChecking temperatures to protect your customers and achieve regulatory compliance has never been easier. The FDA Food Modernization Act (FMA) requirements can be challenging. Fast track FMA compliance with Monnit's award-winning sensors.Effortlessly monitor temperature and automatically create HACCP-compliant temperature logs. Facilitating ERES compliance, our sensors meet CFR21 [...]

IoT Solutions for Remote Facility Monitoring

Facility MonitoringProtect it from a distanceAs a facility owner or manager, you end up wearing so many hats. With limited hours in the day, how do you fit it all in?Get real-time alerts for events that require your attention. Our award-winning wireless sensors will let you know if there [...]

Commercial Refrigeration and Freezer Temperature Monitoring Systems

Peace of Mind for Your Customers. Less Product Loss for You.Monitoring your chilled or frozen inventory for optimal temps has never been easier.Effortless protection & complianceMonitoring your commercial refrigeration unit's temperature has never been easier now that you can remotely monitor performance with Monnit sensors. The FDA Food [...]