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MONNIT | USA - IoT Remote Monitoring Solutions, Wireless Sensors & Gateways

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Find the Right Wireless Sensor for the Right Your Industry

Monnit has the broadest line of remote monitoring solutions. No matter what you do, stay on top of your operations—whenever it is or wherever you are.

Monnit Wireless Sensors act as a check engine light, helping you keep an eye on things—no matter where you are or when it is. If something starts to go wrong, you (or your team) are instantly alerted via text, email, or call.

It’s Time to Mind Your Business

Monnit Wireless Sensors provide incredible insights & ROI.

Were lock-up protocols followed? Know the doors to sensitive areas are closed. Seem like energy bills are higher? Be alerted as machines use more power—rising consumption often foreshadows sudden failure.

Use remote monitoring to learn more about your operations—and protect them. Sensor data helps trim the fat, maintain mission-critical machines, and target new revenue sources.

IoT Internet of Things Wireless Temperature Sensor, Thermocouple Sensor, Humidity Sensor, Infrared Motion Sensor, Accelerometer Sensor, Water Detection Sensor, Current Meter Sensor and Voltage Meter Sensors.

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