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ZETEK | Italy - Hose Nozzle, Battery Tools, Rechargeable Lamp, Tester & Meters

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12 years ago, when Zeca S.p.A. has decided to create a satellite brand, it has imagined the Zetek world: a new dimension where quality and advantage rotate in the same orbit. The Zeca Research & Development and Marketing offices played a crucial role in the development of the Zetek products. From their ideas an ever-expanding range was born: products with high technological content and strong innovative mark. Ranging from lamps - rechargeable and non - up to the automotive tools, through testers and multimeters and general equipment products. Today in Zetek world, besides the professional dimension, there is also space for leisure: lamps designed to light hidden mechanical parts, but also for walking through unexplored paths by night. The same ones that Zetek faces in the technology field.