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WERMA | Germany - Signal Tower Light, Beacons Light, Buzzers, Sirens & Horns

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Signalling solution for the world of today and tomorrow

"Clever solutions that simply work – this has been our goal at WERMA for decades, and customers from all over the world confirm our success day after day. We are setting the standards for modern signal technology - and are also defining their future: for more than twenty years with modular signal towers as the industry standard, and with networked, intelligent system solutions today.
The "Made in Germany" label is thereby a guarantee that now allows us to describe ourselves with pride as "Europe's leading signal" ."

Matthias Marquardt, CEO


Intelligent signal technology

The products and solutions from WERMA make processes safe and keep them running efficiently. You can thereby not only permanently optimise processes, but also save time and money. Customers from various sectors all over the world have benefited from our expertise for years. Basically, because we offer clever solutions that work.


Prices and awards

At WERMA, innovation is a driving force that helps us to further develop our technological and competitive edge. WERMA uses the latest project management methods to conduct fundamental development work as well as specific product development. All innovations are analysed and tested in our own optical and acoustic laboratory. A great number of patents, design awards and customer ratings attest to the success of this innovation policy.

In recent years, WERMA has received multiple awards for the outstanding design of our products as well as our social engagement and community involvement.

WERMA sets signals with these awards and accolades:


WERMA Product Overview


WERMA by category, series and model


WERMA Signal Tower Light

Pre-assembled Tower Light: KOMPAKT 37 | deSIGN 42 | ClearSIGNCleanSIGN | FlatSIGN | VarioSIGN | Ex-proof Tower

Modular Tower Light: KombiSIGN 40 | KombiSIGN 72 | KombiSIGN 71




WERMA Signal Beacons & Traffic Light

Series: 239 | 230 | 231 | 232 

Series: 853

Series: 839 | 883 | 884

Series: 894 | 890 | 728 | 729

NEW Series: EvoSIGNAL Mini | EvoSIGNAL Midi | EvoSIGNAL Maxi




WERMA Horns & Sirens

Installation Buzzers & Sounders - Series: 107 | 109 | 110 | 111 | 338 | 114 | 118 | 119

Base, Installation, Tube or Bracket Mounting Horns & Sirens - Series: EvoSIGNAL Mini | EvoSIGNAL Midi 

Wall & Ceiling Mounting Horns, Sirens & Alarm Bell - Series: 123 | 126 | 570 | 573 | 574 | 575 | 140 | 144 | 914

Heavy Duty Multi-Tone Sounder - Series: 129 | 139 | 141 | 142

Ex-proof Horn & Sirens - Series: 718 | 750 | 761




WERMA Optical Light & Audible Sound Combinations

Installation Combination Beacon with Buzzer - Series: 150 | 450 | 240

Base, Installation, Tube or Bracket Mounting Beacon with Buzzer, Horn or Multi-Tone Sounder - Series: EvoSIGNAL Mini | EvoSIGNAL Midi

Base, Wall or Tube Mounting LED Beacon with Multi-Tone Sounder or Horn - Series: 430 | 432 | 431 | 433 | 434 | 435

Base, Wall or Ceiling Mounting Design Combination LED Multi-Tone Sirens - Series: 444 

Heavy-Duty Combination Multi-Tone Siren with Xenon Flash - Series: 439 | 441 | 442


WERMA Process-optimisation system

Solutions for manufacturing, production logistics and shipping


With SmartMONITOR (for manufacturing) and AndonSPEED (for shipping logistics), you can identify weak spots immediately. To discover the hidden potential in your manufacturing, logistics or shipping business, you need a system that measures unproductive time – whether it be at manual workstations, shipping workstations or in automated production.


The smart MDC alternative for manufacturing companies

Your benefits

SmartMONITOR is the smart MDC alternative (machine monitoring and data collection) for industrial companies looking for a way to quickly and easily gather reliable data to optimise manufacturing processes. Intelligent networking of signal towers creates a simple, low-cost retrofit alternative to conventional, complex MDC systems.

  • Identifies and documents faults and unproductive time more quickly
  • Reduces response times and prevents downtime
  • Works regardless of the manufacturer, age or function of the machine
  • Provides all relevant data of machines, systems and manual workstations at a glance
  • Reports show opportunities for process and productivity improvements
  • Modular and expandable with no cabling required


Typical applications

  • Discover hidden optimisation potential
  • Signal a production stoppage
  • Manage the supply of material to machines and workstations
  • As a control station for manufacturing companies
  • Production reporting


Initial startup

  • Install software
  • Connect and configure receiver on the computer
  • Connect and configure transmitter on the computer
  • Integate transmiter into signal tower (no tools necessary)



  • Robust and proven wireless network for manufacturing environments
  • Licence-free software is included
  • Integrated analytics and reporting tools
  • WIN slave control enables you to trigger simple logical rules for example to activate an additional signal tower as a head-of-line function





The solution for packaging, shipping & assembly workstations

Your benefits

AndonSPEED optimises your processes at packaging and shipping stations including production manual assembly wrok stations - because AndonSPEED provides a visual notification of where problems have arisen. Permanent time savings are possible because of quick fault repairs. The wireless network sends signals to the workstation or the central control station and can send an email notification if required.

  • Rapid assistance reduces wait times
  • Reduces response times and prevents shutdowns
  • Quick fault repair for more "units per hour"
  • Intelligent reporting for lasting improvements
  • Optimisation potential is made transparent


Typical applications

  • Report stoppages on chutes or conveyor belts
  • Manage the supply of materials to packaging stations
  • Report missing items at the shipping station
  • Process improvement in shipping areas


Initial startup

  • Install software
  • Connect and configure receiver on the computer
  • Connect and configure transmitter on the computer
  • Integate signal transmiter into signal tower (no tools necessary)
  • Connect Andon SmartBOX



  • Robust, proven wireless network for production environments
  • Licence-free software is included
  • Integrated analytics and reporting tools
  • Ability to implement a head-of-line function, for example, with slave control


Plug 'n' Play SmartMONITOR and AndonSPEED system are avalable in our E-Store now


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