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KH INDUSTRIES | USA - Portable Work Light Fixtures, Cord Reels & Push Button Pendant Station

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About KH Industries


While living in Germany, Karl Baake Sr. was a tool-and-die maker that wanted a way to protect his lights from breakage when flying sparks entered the work area. For years, he worked on perfecting the design for a shatterproof work light. After emigrating to the US, Mr. Baake completed the design and founded KH Industries in 1960. Many of the original products that Karl Baake Sr. designed close to 60 years ago are still in demand and used by industrial leaders today.

KH Industries investment in new manufacturing technologies and systems provides a rapid response to customers needs while ensuring the quality of its product. As in the past, the KH difference is the durable design that goes into each product manufactured.


Products are market-driven to meet the needs of the end user, their application, and environment. Safety is of paramount concern, as well as functionality and reliability. KH Industries’ Engineering team partners with several National Recognized Testing Laboratories, as well as KH staff and customers to ensure the product will meet and exceed functionality and safety standards.



Materials are selected for their ability to provide a long lasting service and durability in harsh and extreme environments. KH’s state of the art manufacturing facility allows for a vertically integrated manufacturing and production process. By controlling the production of components KH can ensure you receive a consistent finished product of the highest quality.



It might seem old fashioned, but we still personally answer phone calls. If you have a question about our products, we’ll listen and provide an honest and timely response. In the event one of our products needs to be repaired or returned, we’ll assist you. If you are looking for a product you don’t see on our website, please contact us. We love to hear from our customers.



KH Industries has a dedicated group of hard-working professionals that take pride in doing a job well. We’ve never lost sight of our small-town values and hard work ethic that founded the company close to 60 years ago.

KH Industries product range like Industrial & Explosion Proof Portable Light Fixtures, Cord Reels & Push Button Pendant Station will be available in our E-Store soon. Cotact us HERE if you have any enquiry on these products.